Haldi ka Achar


100 gm kachchi haldi
1 lemon
Salt to taste


Wash and dry the haldi
Peel of and grate
Add salt and lemon juice
Pickle is ready
It’s shelf life is for 2-3 days
Can be relished in lunch, dinner or breakfast

Ps; This haldi enhances the taste of hari mirch ka achar.


Amla ka Achar


5 amla (goose berry)
2 Table spoon rai ki dal
1table spoon haldi
1/2 Table spoon lal mirch
1/2 Tea spoon methi seeds
1Tea spoon hing
4 Table spoon oil
Salt to taste


Boil amla till it is soft
Deseed and open up the amla flakes
In 1/2 tea spoon oil fry the methi seeds and grind it to powder
In a bowl spread salt, rai ki dal, lal mirch, haldi, methi powder and hing
Heat oil and pour it on the masala
Mix well and allow it to cool
Mix the amla pieces and masala nicely
Store this pickle in a tight lid bottle
The shelf life of this pickle is 5-8 days
To increase the shelf life it can be stored in refrigerater
Serve it with paratha or puri


Hari Mirch ka Achar


1/4 kg hari mirch
1/4 cup sarson
1 tea spoon methi
2 tea spoon hing
3 tea spoon haldi
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 cup oil (groundnut oil)


Coarsely grind sarson and remove the black cover by blowing to get yellow dal.
In a tea spoon oil fry methi till golden in colour. Remove it and fry hing in the same oil.
Pound the methi and hing together to make powder.
In a plate spread salt and then sarson ki dal, haldi, and methi -hing powder.
Heat 4 table spoon of oil and pour it on the masala.
Mix well and allow it to cool.
Wash, dry and wipe the chillies dry.
Chop them into small pieces.
Add the chilli pieces, mix well and fill it in a clean-dry jar .
Pour the lemon juice.
Heat oil and allow it to cool, pour it in the jar the next day .
The oil must be 1/2 cm above the level of pickle.

mirchi collage


Mirchi ka Bhurta


2 green chillies (preferable less chilly)

4 tablespoons curd

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon oil

1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds

Pinch of hing


Roast the green chillies on flame with the help of a fork.

Coarsly grind it in Mortar-Pestle.

In a bowl, add the ground chillies, curd and salt.

Heat oil or tadka, crackle mustard seeds and add hing.

Pour it on the chilly mixture.

It makes a spicy dip.

Nimbu ka Achar

20 lemons (chopped)
1/2 cup salt
3/4 cup sugar
Lal mirch (red chilli powder) quantity can be adjusted according to taste.

Mix salt, sugar and red chilli powder.
Add this to lemon.
Mix well and fill it in a jar.
Shake the bottle well on every alternate day for a week.
When the lemon pieces are soft , the pickle is ready to be served.

Nimbu ka Achar Finished.jpg

Ready to serve after 15 days 🙂