Maharashtrian Aam ka Achar


3 kg kachche aam
2.5 cups salt
2 cups rai ki dal
1.4 cups lal mirch
1/4 cup haldi
2 table spoons methi
5 gms hing


Wash, dry and cut the mangoes.
In a bowl, first spread salt, on top of it, spread layers of rai ki dal, lal mirch and haldi one by one in this order. Then make a crater in the centre of the dry spices with a small bowl.
Heat 1 cup oil in a pan and add a pinch of rai and if it crackles then the oil is a ahot a required.
Pour this oil in the crater of masala, spoon by spoon and keep mixing it.
Add oil so that the masala is dry and there is no excess oil.
In a spoonful of oil fry methi and hing. Pound it to make powder. Add it to the masala.
When the masala cools down, mix the mango pieces in the masala properly.
In a clean dry glass jar fill the achar.
Next day, heat 1.5 cups of oil. Allow it to cool.
Pour the oil in the pickle.
The pickle should be fully immersed under oil.
Enjoy the pickle with a variety of dishes.

Note :

  • Taste the pickle, and if required, add more salt. This preserves the pickle for longer duration.
  • Never put wet spoon in the pickle jar.
  • To disinfect the glass pickle jar, heat a pinch of hing in a small kadhai and switch off the flame. On this hing smoke, hold the pickle jar upside down on top of the kadhai, so that the smoke fills the jar. Close the lid immediately and keep aside. This jar is ready to be filled with fresh pickle!
  • To make rai ki dal at home instead of buying it from market, coarsely grind sarson/rai and remove the black cover by blowing to get yellow dal.

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