Bajri ke Vade


3 Cups bajri ka aata
1 inch piece of adrak
1 hari mirch
3 cloves of lahsun
2 tea spoons of til
2 tea spoons of ajwain
1/2 tea spoon haldi
1 tea spoon lal mirch
1/2 cup dahi
2 table spoons of oil
salt to taste
Oil for frying


Make paste of adrak, hari mirch and lahsun.
Take bajri ka aata in a bowl
Add salt, haldi, mirch, til, ajwain, paste of adrak mirch lahsun and 2 tablespoon oil.
Mix thoroughly.
Make a dough adding dahi and water if required.
Divide the dough into small grape sized balls .
Make small puri on a thick plastic sheet by gently patting the atta ballwith fingers.
Deep fry in hot oil till golden in colour.
This is a tasty snack served with tea.
Has a shelf life of 4-5 days.