8-10 medium sized arvi ke patte
2 cups besan
1 Tea spoon haldi
1 Teaspoon lal mirch
1 Tea spoon garam masala (maharashtrian type) optional
1 Tea spoon dhania powder
2-3 Table spoons of imli pulp
2 Table spoons of gud
Pinch of hing
Salt to taste
Oil for frying



Remove the thick veins of the leaves
Wash and wipe them dry
In a bowl take the besan and add haldi, lal mirch, dhania powder, garam masala, imli pulp, gud. hing and salt.
Add water and mix well to make a thick paste
Place one leaf on a plate, the opposite side(ventral) facing up
Spread the besan paste on the leaf coating a layer
Place another leaf on it, the pointed side opposite to the previous one
Spread a layer of besan paste on this
Similarly put four to five leaves
Now fold on both ends, and start rolling it, apply the paste on every fold.
Similarly make one more role of the other five leaves
Steam these rolls for 30 minutes in a steamer
Allow it to cool
Cut them into pieces and deep fry till golden brown
Serve them as snacks with tea


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