Beans Pulav


1 Cup basmati rice washed, strained and kept aside for 15-20 mins
3-4 drops lemon juice
5-6 french beans chopped
1 Onion chopped lengthwise
1 Table spoon oil
1/2 Tea spoon jeera (cumin seeds)
7 Kali mirch (black pepper)
4 Laung (cloves)
2 Badi ilaichi (Black cardamom)
1/2 Inch tej patta (bay leaf)
1 cm long dalchini (cinnamon)
5-6 kaju chopped
8-10 kish mish (Raisins)
Salt to taste


Boil rice in a vessel with sufficient quantity of water.
Add 1/2 tea spoon oil and 3/4 lemon drops.
When the rice is just cooked strain the extra water and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan and add jeera, kali mirch, laung, badi ilaichi,dalchini and tej patta.
Add kaju and kish-mish.
Add onions and fry .
Add beans and salt, cover and cook till the beans are done.
Add the rice and mix well.
Serve with raita .


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