Til-Gud ki Roti


1 cup aata (wheat flour)
1 cup maida (white flour)
Pinch of salt
1 table spoon oil

3 cups graded gud (jaggery)
2 tablespoons til (sesame seeds)
2 tablespoon graded dry coconut
1 tablespoon khus-khus
1/2 teaspoon green elaichi powder (cardamom)


Knead aata, maida, salt and oil with water till medium hardness and let it rest for 1/2 an hour.
Lightly roast til, coconut and khus-khus separately.
Grind roasted til and coconut.
Make the stuffing by mixing til, coconut, khus-khus, gud and elaichi powder into a soft mixture.
Divide the dough and stuffing into equal parts (for approx 8 rotis).
Fill the stuffing in the dough, make balls and keep aside covered.
Make medium thick rotis of it.
Shallow fry rotis with ghee. Turn it twice / thrice only as they may be a bit brittle.
Let it cool for a few hours.
Enjoy gud ki roti topped with dollop of ghee!


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